Author: ranbir

Tips to clear cache on iPhone

Clearing up unwanted browsing cache, device junks, and memory hogs help your device running better and faster. Irrespective of the device you use, clearing cache is the best way to keep your device clean as well as healthy. Your iPhone is designed for better user experience. However, iOS ecosystem is prone to get jammed up […]

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Social Media Manager

An excellent social networking manager is, as Ron Burgundy would say: “The balls”. This is an undisputed proven fact that all businesses need to become active in social networking. The ever-altering demands from the present day consumer requires brands to consider fast and adapt rapidly to be able to stay a measure ahead. The function […]

Easy Tips and Tricks Every Driver Should Know

People who can’t seem to exert enough energy to slightly lift one finger and use their turn signal, but they can make general upkeep and travel a little bit less stressful. Use toothpaste to clean headlights. Simply buff your headlights with toothpaste on a soft cloth, and they’ll look good as new in minutes Properly […]

Ethical Hacking Tricks

To become an Ethical Hacker first you need to know everything about black hat hacker What they do? How they do? What technique they use for hacking? So, Appic Team Presents You Hack Them which keep you updated with features like daily hacks updates, most frequent hacker news, chat so that you can ask other […]

Useful Tips How to Turnoff auto correct on iPhone

iPhone auto correct attempts to understand what you actually want to type as you type it. The tool matches with a built-in iPhone dictionary, with your contacts and with replacement words that you teach the iPhone. In theory the iPhone understands what you want to type and auto correct will fix the words so that […]