Zigzag game Hack Cheat

ZigZag is a android/iphone game app developed by Ketchapp where you have to prevent the ball from falling down the block while moving through the zigzag route. Once you tap on the phone, the ball will change its direction from either left to right or right to left. For each change in the direction you get the score of 1. On the way, if the ball touches the crystals additional 2 points will be added in the score. You can play download it from Google Play store or iPhone App Store below:

TIP 1. When the game starts, you can see a wider space (see screenshot image below). Just tap on the phone multiple times continuously for the first 2 seconds of the game because you have lesser chance for the ball to fall down. Since your score increases for each tap i.e. (direction change), you can make a score of 10-12 in the first 2 seconds of the game.

TIP 2. The hardest part of the game is when there are multiple consecutive zigzags of small length where you have to react in miliseconds for each direction change. So stay focused and alert when such zigzag arrives.

TIP 3. Take rest when playing this game. Do not play it continuously. Taking rest will help you to concentrate on the game.

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